Twenty Something Talks


So here I am, sitting here in Chicago as I’m visiting my family reflecting on the last 6 months of my twentysomething life. Graduating from college, completely changing what my professional direction in life had always seemed to be, and legitimate “adulting”. To say its been a terrifying few months (way more than I had ever expected) would be an understatement. But instead of channeling my energy all into fear, I wanted to put it somewhere else. So here we are.

I am extremely passionate. I have always had the need to feel connected to what I’m doing. To truly feel like what I’m doing matters. Maybe not to everyone out there, but to me. In the past 8 years I have changed states, changed careers, changed a whole lot on the inside, that have ultimately changed the way that my life looks like on the outside. Change is a powerful tool, yet myself, and many other people fear it. Without the change that has occurred in my life so far, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Born and raised in Chicago I took the leap to move to Los Angeles when I was 19. A decision I had been waiting to execute since I was young enough to form a sentence. I moved with every intention to pursue my music career, having no clue I would fall in love with the world of fitness and wellness, and in those moments, whether I knew it or not, was a decision that would ultimately change my twenties (or so far at least).

When I was younger, my twenties seemed like a dream. I remember fantasizing about all of the things I could do if I were just twenty something. I could wear makeup when I wanted, dress the way I felt like that day, date the guys I wanted to, and not have a curfew. While my twenties have held many moments of making my own calls, living on my own with a puppy, and working towards something I love, I never imagined it would be the most significant years of my life in regards to change. My twelve year old self would be shocked to see that I rarely find the time to put makeup on, I wear yoga pants every day to work, and I'm single yet the happiest I've ever been. (Oh, and I'm in bed every night before 10, so much for no curfew). Being a twenty something has its perks, and believe me when I say my life is beyond what I expected it to be. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t trials and times where I feel like I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with my life.

So here I am. Rather than sinking knee deep into this fear, I am going to embrace it and trust that no matter where I go, I am going to be okay. And I’m going to take all of you along the journey. If my heart is in it, I am never in the wrong place.  Twenty something, fourteen, or fifty something, we've all been here. So, here we go:

Twenty Something Talks